How to Get Ready for the New Facebook Page Design in 5 Steps

How to Get Ready for the New Facebook Page Design in 5 Steps

If you run a Facebook Page, you are probably expecting the new design rollout to hit you. But instead of waiting, I propose we look at some of these expected changes and prepare in advance.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the 5 most important changes in the design, the implications, and some of the possible adaptations you’ll face.


1) Cover Photo

Facebook new cover photo template

Click on the image to get the full size version, which is according to specs so you can use as a template.

While the overall dimensions for the Cover Photo remain the same (851x315px), new elements have been moved inside, as you can see in the above template.

This can affect your current Cover if you have text or graphic at the bottom.

Let’s take a look at the changes one by one:

  • The name of the Page is now inside the actual Cover
  • The “Category” of your Page is also inside the Cover, making it a lot prominent. Perhaps this is a good time to review your Category
  • The “Like” and “Following” buttons, that used to be right below the Cover, are also inside, and the “Message” button has been added, as well as the dropdown for Report Page, Share and Create a Page
  • The Profile image displays at 160x160px but the recommended upload is 180x180px

2) Post Images

The images in your posts are about to increase substantially. Below you can see the current Link Post, which is 377px wide.

Facebook Link Post image dimensions

And the new one, more than 100px wider. This is great, mainly because  you are getting a larger clickable area.

New Facebook Link Post image dimensions

Here are the new dimensions for each type of content:

  • Link post: 484x252px – Recommended upload remains the same 1200x600px
  • Image post: 504px wide – Recommended upload: 1200x1200px
  • Video: 504x283px

3) Featured Tab

Tabs have also suffered a couple of changes, nothing critical, but it’s important to understand so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Facebook old tab thumbnails

In the new design, instead of having the thumbnails right below the Cover (above), this entire section is being turned into a simple navigation bar that feels more like a website.

Facebook new Featured Tab

In this navigation, you have the option to include one tab link, we are going to call this the “Featured Tab” and you’ll have to make sure this is displaying your most important Tab. In the example below, Splash Cafe Clam Chowder has selected their “Welcome!” Tab.

Update: We noticed two featured tabs yesterday while exploring one of our clients Page (Image below), so it’s very possible that the menu below the Cover could include more than one tab link.

Facebook Page featured tabs

The rest of the Tabs are also accessible via the “More” dropdown menu.

Access Facebook Tabs on the More dropdown

4) Tab Thumbnails

The Tab thumbnails, as we all know them, have been relocated to the sidebar. The dimensions are still the same 111x74px.

Nothing major in terms of the impact to the use of Tabs, on your end you’ll have to make sure you are displaying the Tabs you want to show.

Facebook Tabs on sidebar

And if you click on the left arrow, you open a popup box that displays the rest of the Tabs.

Facebook Page Tab thumbnails

You will also have the possibility to adjust the order of your sidebar sections with this drag and drop menu.

Facebook Page new design: Manage sidebar sections

5) Tabs

A couple of changes for Tabs, and maybe some adaptations needed on your end.

The entire header section, including the Cover photo, is now present in the Tabs.

This is how it looks right now:

Facebook current tab design

And how it’s going to look with the new design.

Facebook new Tab design

4 considerations:

  • The Fold: The Tab is pushed down by the presence of the header/cover photo, this means that some of the content you have above the fold might soon be below it. See if you need to adapt your design so that the important stuff stays prominent on the screen
  • Branding: Many business have branding elements in their tabs, which was a smart practice, since there is no other branding inside the actual Tab. Now that the cover will be present, perhaps is not necessary, in the example above, all the branding feels a little redundant and it’s taking too much space
  • Like Button: The repositioning of the Like button is important is have a call-to-action that points to it, like the one in the above example. This is silly, but most of us are very visual when it comes to the Internet. Re-point your arrow
  • Distractions: The Tab used to be almost as clean as a sales page, which is great to drive the focus of your visitor towards one goal. Now that all these new elements are present, try to keep your part of the equation as clean and clutter-free as possible

TabFoundry Dashboard

Our dashboard was also redesigned to match the layout of the Page and Tabs. If you haven’t yet signed up, we invite you to take TabFoundry for a spin. It’s free!

Ah! before I go… Thanks to the world famous Splash Cafe Clam Chowder and to Riolan Virtual Business Solutions because we used their Pages as examples.

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