A Simple Guide to the new Facebook Insights

Facebook Page new Insights

Are you still a little confused with the recent changes Facebook made to its Page Insights?

Well, then we have 2 good news for you, the new Facebook Insights has more useful data for you to chew on and… we’re explaining everything here in plain English.


The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 tabs containing different type of data:

  1. Overview
  2. Page
  3. Posts
  4. People

Let’s go through the each one of them…

Overview Tab

The Overview Tab is the new point of entry. A dashboard page to present the basic metrics from the last 7 days:

  1. Page Likes
  2. Post Reach
  3. Engagement
  4. A breakdown of the most recent posts

Basically, the tab is good for a quick glance but, in order to understand how your page is performing, you need to dig a little more.

Facebook Insights Overview

Page Tab

The Page Tab is divided in 3 sub-sections:

Page Likes

As you can probably notice in the following image, you can easily select the period of time to display data. You will see this on all other tabs as well.

The “Page Likes” simply shows you the growth of the page over any specific period of time, the activity, which has been improved to give you any change happening in gaining or losing Likes and of course, what type of Likes: Organic or Paid.

The last section of this tab is “Where your Page Likes came from”. Remember, we’re not talking about content Likes yet. This chart shows you how you are acquiring those Page Likes, on the actual page, because of your posts, other people posting your content or by page suggestions.

Facebook Insights Page Tab

Posts Reach

Now we’ll talk about the performance of the actual content published by the page. The Post Reach tab is divided in 4 charts, all focused on how many people are getting your content.

Is important to note that these metrics are only for overall Page performance, we’ll talk about performance of individual posts in a second.

Post Reach: simply how many people has been reached and if it was Organic or Paid.

Likes, Comments, and Shares: Is the Engagement performance of your Page content.

Negative Feedback: Which is also important because it directly affects your EdgeRank. This chart includes the “Hides”, the “Spam Reports”, and the “Page Unlikes”.

Total Reach: Is the number of people who saw any type of activity from your page. Just to be clear, this includes anything from a Like to a comment or even a mention, while “Post Reach” is only including your posts.

Facebook Insights Posts Reach

Page Visits

To finish with the Page section of Insights, we have the “Page Visits” tab. It contains 3 charts:

Page and Tabs Visits: Although I’d love to have the Timeline removed from this chart to see performance of the tabs by themselves, at least you get to see if people are visiting your page tabs.

Also interesting, you get to see how many people are visiting your actual page on a daily basis.

Other Page Activity: This is one of the metrics I will not be spending too much time observing. It includes activity like Mentions, Checkins and post by other people.

External Referrers: This chart is basically like looking at your traffic resources on Google Analytics but in this case, for your Facebook Page. If you have Facebook integration on your website, even a simple Like Box, chances are your website will be the top source of traffic.

Facebook Insights Page Visits

Posts Tab

Lets now move on to the “Posts Tab”, which I’m sure you will find a lot more useful if you are interested in the performance of your content on an individual basis. This tab is divided in 3 sub-sections:

All Posts

Let me put it this way, this is the meat of the “Posts” tab and the other 2 sections are the gravy.

Right here you can view the performance of individual pieces of content in chronological order or you can sort in different ways.

Now it’s also a lot easier to visualize 3 different metrics: Reach and 2 types of Engagement: “Likes, Comments & Shares” and “Post Clicks”.

Wait a second… what are “Post Clicks”?!

I’m glad you caught that. “Post Clicks” are a new Facebook metric that includes all clicks that are not Likes, comments or shares, in other words, clicks to links or images.

You can see how important it is that Facebook has separated this from the other types of actions.

Facebook Insights All Posts

Post Details

If you click in any of the posts, you get an additional section that showcases a lot more detail on that specific post. As you can see in the following screenshot, we can even see how many times the video on the post has been played or, at the bottom under “Negative Feedback”, I received 1 Page Unlike…

Facebook Insights Post Details

When your Fans are Online

This is a new great addition. Many people, bloggers and analytic services are always suggesting what the best times to post content on your page is but, like I’ve been saying for ages, it is impossible to know this, the only way is to know at what time most of your Fans are online and, as you can imagine, that will be different for every single page on Facebook.

I could tell you that my best time is at 10am and you’ll say “are you crazy? I don’t get any engagement before 12pm…”

Well, this chart answers that question for you, it shows you when most of your Fans are online, day and time.

Facebook: When Your Fans Are Online

Best Post Types

Also new, a quick chart of how the different types of content are performing including Status, Link, Photo and Video. Just like in the “All Posts” section, you can see reach and engagement for each type of content.

In this example, you can see how my photos reach fewer folks but they get more engagement. This enables you to make better decisions, I rather post images and sacrifice some reach, I’m after engagement in this case.

Facebook best types of posts

People Tab

The way we look at the Page demographics has not changed dramatically, what has changed is the way you view this data. This tab is divided in 3 sections, which look pretty much the same but are displaying the data filtered as:

  • Your Fans
  • People Reached
  • People Engaged

The data included here is “Age & Gender”, grouped the same way as it used to be but now offering you a quick benchmark to Facebook’s overall numbers. Then you have “Geography & Language” divided by country, city and language.

Facebook People Tab


The last thing I want to add here is “Benchmarks”, this is a feature that should help you compare your performance against yourself. You can find the option to benchmark on pretty much all the charts.

I’m selecting the option to benchmark “Likes” in this chart for “Likes, Comments, and Shares”. You can see 2 things here:

  • The average over an specific period of time, which is 11 in this case
  • And how I’m performing against that on a daily basis, sometimes going way above average and sometimes underperforming

Facebook Insights benchmarking

Final thoughts

So there you have it, the intention was to explain the new Insights in a simple way. Now you know what’s new, what is useful and exciting and what remained the same. In my opinion, there is more clarity, things are presented in an organized way that makes sense if you’re running a page.

Is there room for improvement? There will always be. What would you add to Insights in the future? Or what do you think should be removed?

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