Image and Tab Dimensions for the New Facebook Page [Infographic]


As you know, Facebook is currently rolling out the new Page design, and while there are some changes in the dimensions of the branding elements of the page, like the Cover Photo and the location of the Tab thumbnails, we think the most important change is in the content you share and the actual Tabs.

In this infographic, we’re showing you the new dimensions for different types of media, like Link Posts, images and video.

One change that’s important and we haven’t seen too many people refer to it, is the fact that in the new design, the entire header section of the page, including the cover and profile photos, Like, Following and Message buttons and the main navigation menu, are now present on Tabs.

Why is this important? Because the content of the actual Tab is being push down on the screen, and you might end up with essential elements of your Tab below the fold.



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