Facebook Quiz Contests: Get New Fans and Engage Your Existing Ones


Facebook Page Admins, whether they are business owners, marketers or community managers, focus on two important tasks: Reaching and engaging existing Fans and growing the Fan base.

Both becoming increasingly harder to accomplish, especially when you’re starting from scratch.

Today, we’re going to look at how to fulfill these important tasks at the same time using a Quiz Contest with a very cool Referral Bonus.

The beauty of the Quiz Contest is that it helps you:

  • Engage your Existing Fans - We all know one of the main reasons people like Pages is to participate in promotions
  • Increase awareness – Using the Referral Bonus program, you can get in front of your Fans friends
  • Grow your Fan base – We’ll focus on attracting those new prospects to like your Page

This approach has been successfully used by brands like Toshiba, Warner Bros and BMW, and today we’ll go over how YOU can also implement it as part of your Facebook Marketing.

How Quiz Contests work

Let’s use a real case scenario to demonstrate: The Quiz Contest for the movie The Hobbit.

By the way, you can actually take this quiz to see how it works on the TabFoundry Page, here is the link: http://tab.fo/hobbit

Step 1: Page Like

There is an optional Like-Gate to generate Page Likes. This means that, in order to participate, the user has to like the page first.


Step 2: The Quiz

The user goes through a series of questions in a multiple choice format. I know what you’re thinking… Google the answers, right? But there is a time limit to go through the quiz. You can say we’re evil, but this also adds a gaming aspect to the whole experience.

Facebook Quiz

Step 3: The score

Once finished the Quiz, the user can immediately see the results.

Quiz Contest results

Quiz Contest results

Step 4: The share

This is where it gets interesting. You offer the possibility to gain more points by sharing the tab with friends. The user earns extra points for each friend that takes the Quiz.

Quiz share

This will publish the post right on the user’s timeline, where friends can link directly to your Quiz tab.

Quiz timeline post

So let’s recap real quick before we continue…

  • You generate a Page Like by setting a Like-Gate
  • You engage your Fans with a Quiz game
  • You enable your Fans to promote it for you

4 Steps to Build a Successful Quiz Contest

1- Selecting the appropriate prize

Selecting the right prize sounds easy, but it’s not something you want to take lightly. The prize will actual play an essential role in the success of your contest.

While giving away an iPad sounds very exciting and can help you attract tons of participants, this could be the biggest mistake you make in your contest. Such a prize will attract anyone, and might even get picked up by contest spammers who are just looking for a quick iPad to grab.

What you are trying to do here is attract qualified prospects for your business. You want the prize to make people want to participate, not because it’s something free, but because it’s something free that they are genuinely interested in.

If you sell spices, give away a set of spices. People will participate because they’re interested in winning the price, because they probably cook. This person represents a higher chance of becoming your customer.

There are 2 questions that will help you come up with the perfect prize for your contest:

  1. Does this prize attract people that are my potential customers?
  2. Is this prize attractive enough? (Nobody will give you 2 clicks to win a keychain…)

2- Set up your Quiz Custom App

There are 3 key parts in your App:

  1. Like-Gate
  2. Quiz
  3. Referral Bonus

We’ve created this video tutorial to walk you through the process. Don’t worry, this stuff sounds a lot more technical than it really is.

3- Create your Post

Now that you’ve created your Quiz Contest app and you’re ready to go, create the post to publish on your Page.

3 key aspects to consider here:

  1. Be short and to the point.
  2. Make it visual. A beauty shot of the prize will do the job.
  3. Do not forget to use the tab.fo short link instead of the url generated by Facebook. You want Tab to be mobile-friendly.

The Hobbit Page Post

4- Spread it

This is where many Facebook contests fail big. If you don’t actively promote your contest, chances of getting enough traffic are low.

Have a plan to promote your contest. Here a few ideas you can consider:

  • Post on your Facebook Page and promote it with your existing Fans
  • Run ads to attract Non-Fans
  • Off-Facebook promotion. Promote to your email list, in your blog and in other social profiles
  • Use a custom link to promote on mobile devices
  • Make sure you enable the Referral Bonus feature included in the app so your participants can earn additional points by referring their friends

More awesome sauce? Sure, why not…

Our Quiz Contests are part of the FREE plan!

Start by signing up to TabFoundry today.

About Francisco Rosales

Co-Founder and CMO at TabFoundry. Author of the kick-ass Social Media blog SocialMouths, lover of mountain biking and fan of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. You can also connect with me on Twitter.

  • http://shop.wanama.com/ Juan De Las Carreras

    Hey, Francisco. nice post! One question only. Is there a chance to get our fans email in this quiz? So we can add them to our newsletter for email mktg!

    • LadaHrbacek

      Hey Juan,
      Tabfoundry collects emails for all entries – you can download them as a CSV in the “Collected data” tab in the editor.

      But please don’t forget to ask before they enter by adding some text above the “Start” button. Nice article about this topic here: http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/ask-before-you-blast/

  • Alyse Taggart

    Is TabFoundry able to track IP addresses to find scammers who are creating multiple fb accounts on one computer?

  • Samuel Augustin

    Francisco Rosales, I have a page for Quiz and I’m looking to create an interactive page for my Facebook page, I will like you to advise me on the best option to attract more user to my page. My page link is https://www.facebook.com/Tnquiz/posts/113837139289615

    My quizzes is only on Nigeria