Facebook Larger Images on Link Posts [and why it's a big deal]

Facebook Large Images on Link Posts [and why it's a big deal]

And yet another “kinda of a big deal” announcement from Facebook.

(Thanks to Scott Ayres from PostPlanner for pointing it out yesterday)

If you have been publishing “link posts”, you probably noticed the change in the thumbnail image size yesterday.

The new images for link posts and “Page post link ad” in the News Feed are 3.5x larger.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal right now but I’ll tell you why this is important to you on two different ends of the equation…

New Specs

Facebook also published the new specs, to make it short, lets talk about the image itself:

  • For the best quality possible, you should use images that are 1200×627 pixels
  • That is a ratio of 1.91:1
  • The image on the ad is actually 400×209 pixels

Here is the link to read the rest of the specs if you’re interested in the ads.

What does larger images mean for you?

This is a big deal for one reason: It will help you increase clicks on your link posts.

Many of us use the option to share images instead of links and manually add the link in the text, with the hope to get better engagement. If this is accurate or not, no longer matters…

The following image gives you a better idea of the before and after of Link Posts:

larger images on facebook's link posts

The reasons this helps you increase your clicks are…

  • Studies say images get more engagement than any other post types
  • The new thumbnail contains a link to the content source rather than sending the traffic to a Facebook preview page
  • Many people fails to click on the text link
  • In my own experience, very few people click on Bit.ly (or other short URLs) links when they are added to the text

Truth is that using images to post links was unnatural and mostly misunderstood by the user.

Here is an example of a link being posted as image with a link embedded in the text:

Facebook link posted as image

Again, whether or not they were better to drive traffic to your site than a straight link is no longer important.

Images in your Blog

There is one more thing to consider, this is if you run a blog.

The images on your posts just became a lot more relevant and you’ll have to make sure they make sense for this new format.

Just so you get a better idea, your blog post image will have to look a little like this:

Facebook's new image aspect ratio

Quick Recap

Lets do a quick recap of what’s important:

  • This is very positive. We believe this will help increase CTR
  • You no longer have to post links as images
  • For best quality, use images with these specs: 1200×627 pixels
  • If you blog, this is the moment to reconsider the aspect ratio of your blog images

Now the next step is to go post some content!

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