Image and Tab Dimensions for the New Facebook Page [Infographic]


As you know, Facebook is currently rolling out the new Page design, and while there are some changes in the dimensions of the branding elements of the page, like the Cover Photo and the location of the Tab thumbnails, we think the most important change is in the content you share and the actual Tabs.

In this infographic, we’re showing you the new dimensions for different types of media, like Link Posts, images and video.

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How to Get Ready for the New Facebook Page Design in 5 Steps

How to Get Ready for the New Facebook Page Design in 5 Steps

If you run a Facebook Page, you are probably expecting the new design rollout to hit you. But instead of waiting, I propose we look at some of these expected changes and prepare in advance.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the 5 most important changes in the design, the implications, and some of the possible adaptations you’ll face.

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Facebook Larger Images on Link Posts [and why it's a big deal]

Facebook Large Images on Link Posts [and why it's a big deal]

And yet another “kinda of a big deal” announcement from Facebook.

(Thanks to Scott Ayres from PostPlanner for pointing it out yesterday)

If you have been publishing “link posts”, you probably noticed the change in the thumbnail image size yesterday.

The new images for link posts and “Page post link ad” in the News Feed are 3.5x larger.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal right now but I’ll tell you why this is important to you on two different ends of the equation…

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How to use Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Drive Extra Traffic

How to use Your Facebook Cover Photo to Drive Traffic

The Cover Photo is definitely the hottest piece of real estate on the Facebook Page. All eyes go directly to it. And yet, it doesn’t do anything.

Lets be honest, the storytelling aspect of it is cool, how it helps you visually communicate a message sounds awesome and obviously, you need to brand your page.

But what if you could have a more active for the Facebook Cover Photo? Maybe serve to showcase a current promotion in your business or even to drive traffic to an external page or a Tab in your page.

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New Facebook Promotions Rules: A Look at What it Means for You

New Facebook Timeline Promotions

Yesterday, Facebook decided to drop a bomb on the world of social media marketing by announcing the new promotions rules.

We all know promotions, contests and sweepstakes are important for brands and small businesses to expand their digital footprint, grow their communities and increase loyalty with existing customers.

It’s only natural to expect a big reaction…

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A Reality Check on When to Post Content on Facebook

A Reality Check on When to Post Content on Facebook

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Have you typed that question on Google with the hope to figure out once and for all, at what times you should be posting content on your Facebook Page? I know you have at least wondered around this question.

But, can we really answer that question for you?

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A Simple Guide to the new Facebook Insights

Facebook Page new Insights

Are you still a little confused with the recent changes Facebook made to its Page Insights?

Well, then we have 2 good news for you, the new Facebook Insights has more useful data for you to chew on and… we’re explaining everything here in plain English.

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